Our kids have switched to Oral Botanica since 2 years ago. One day my daughter complained that her teeth and gums were painful. As we are regular user of Oral Botanica Classic, we offered her to try Oral Botanica. The pain disappeared very fast and she came to me happily and asked me whether she could get one bottle as her own personal. When the eldest one switched to Oral Botanica , the young one insisted to use it too. Now both are using it daily as their oral care regime. It is so cute to hear they said “Oral Botanica Kids is the best!! Taste good and we love it!”

Mark and Kai Lee (Loving Parents)

“Raphaela has been using Oral Botanica Kids since 2 years ago, now she is 6 years old. Her teeth are healthy, no cavity at all. She loves Oral Botanica Kids. It motivates her to brush her teeth morning and before bed. Our whole family is using your products”

Pris – Mother of Raphaela – Singapore

“Can you please send Oral Botanica Kids 10 bottles. We are stuck in HongKong and my son does not want to use any other toothpastes. This morning he said “Mommy, you must order 10 for me”. His teeth are strong and no cavity at all. He loves Oral Botanica Kids and I have peace in mind knowing that he does not swallow nasty chemicals”

Satine, Mother of Kai Kai – HongKong

Dear Dr. Ubbo,

I read your newsletter today and I have to say thanks to your toothpaste that not only me but the whole of my family enjoy we don’t have this problem anymore. Our teeth is cleaner and so does our breath smell better. Also sometimes by mistake I bite my gum and immediately I put a drop of your toothpaste on the spot and within 2 days it heals.

My family and I are very conscious of a healthy living and good health extends to all areas and aspects of our life.

And I never forget to spread the word of your products since I genuinely from my heart know they heal and want other people too to benefit from it.

Thank you for your wonderful products and we are ever so grateful!

Priscilla Beronneau 

I love Botanica Culture products, I use Oral Botanica Classic every day and the whitener which works really well. It is not easy to find good natural products these days and I hope you get to enjoy them as much as I do.

Mitchel Quek, Singapore

Hi everyone, I would like to share with you this marvellous product ORAL BOTANICA. I started using toothpaste at the age of 4 and for the past 58 years I didn’t realise the amount of harmful chemicals like SLS, Triclosan, sorbitol, glycerin, aspartame, paraben…etc I put into my mouth. I used to have little red bumps on the side of my tongue on and off and it can be quite painful when it is inflamed. When it flares up, I use organic tea tree essential oil to treat it. Ever since I started using ORAL BOTANICA liquid toothpaste 6 months ago, my problem has resolved. Not only is ORAL BOTANICA an organic toothpaste, it is also a mouthwash and breath freshener. The strong minty taste of peppermint and spearmint keep my breath fresh the whole day. Besides these, the other ingredients in this product…almond, myrrh, clove and tea tree have antioxidant, antifungal, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. I have recommended this product to my family members and they love it too.

Amy Cho, Singapore

Hi, I am Doreen Yeo. Review on Oral Botanica: I used to have gum infection problems, but after using your product, it really helps me. I shared Oral Botanica with my friends and they also love it.

In fact, a friend of mine, who had one of the worst sore throats in her life while on the flight to Japan, could only find comfort after using this particular product. None would suffice in her anguish.

In short, Oral Botanica is an amazing product. No bad breath, no more gum problems for me.


Doreen Yeo, Singapore

I cannot wait to brush my teeth in the evening. I like the sweet and lemon taste of Oral Botanica Kids.

Jessica Thalia/Thailand

What I like most is the confidence I have each and every time I speak, knowing that I won’t be embarrassing myself. The clean and ‘squeaky‘ feeling after using Oral Botanica.

Sharman Jetnaka | HR Manager

No more fear for my next dental check- up knowing that my gums are healthy and my dental cost is minimised.

Dewi | Housewife

I would like to thank you for inventing and introducing Oral Botanica. And I have been using this products for 6 months twice a day, my teeth feel cleaner and fresh throughout the day.

Joey Chan | CI – Consultant

My dentist gave me a clean bill after using Oral Botanica for 6 months. I also realize that even with a dry mouth, my breath is not foul like before.


I can only say, this product really works. My acute receding gums is improving after 3 weeks using Oral Botanica. I don’t need patches from my dentist.

Mee Hwa | Housewife

My gums used to bleed everytime I brushed my teeth. Changing toothbrush and toothpaste did not help me. After using Oral Botanica, the bleeding stops and my dentist always praises the condition of my gums. I am so thankful, that I found Oral Botanica

Rolf Becker

When I wake up in the morning, I tend to get bad breathe. I suspect that is due to the bacteria from my sensitive and weak digestive system. After using about a third of the bottle, I find that my breathe in the morning is much fresher now, it does not have that heaty, heavy feeling in the mouth anymore.”

Kang HweeMiang

Just visited my dentist for my regular check, he told me that my gum residing problem has stabilized.

Anna Yap | Standard Chartered Bank

I have this perpetual stain on several of my front teeth and it bothers me quite a bit for the past 2 years. No matter how intense I brush them, the stain just refuse to go away. My regular dentist attempted to remove the stain whenever I visited him. The stain does get lighten immediately after a dentist cleansing but it quickly builds up again with my daily doses of coffee and tea.

I switched to using oral botanica simply because I enjoy the lingering peppermint freshness which no traditional toothpaste could stand up to. The amazing discovery is that upon my second bottle of using oral botanica, the stubborn stain on my front teeth are now gone. This is just so wonderful! I certainly believe that with prolong usage of oral botanica, it would strengthen my gums and reduce the sensitivity on a particular tooth.

Sharon Yap | Black & Veatch

It is easy to use and very convenient. I had persistent bad breath and bleeding gums. I used it morning and night to replace my toothpaste. After using it for more than 2-3 days, my breath is much fresher and my bleeding gums stop. I rate the product 5 out 5!

Jenny FPN | CI – Consultant

I tend to bite the cheeks of my mouth or my tongue quite often. This will usually create a painful ulcer on the bitten part and it remains painful for days. But after using ORAL Botanica as my daily “toothpaste”, the amazing thing happens – the bitten part does not give me any more grieve! Quick relief and no soreness too!

Mary Sim | Islamic Bank of Asia Limited

It’s been a pleasure dealing with your company, your response on email has been quick and your sales representative also very efficient & quick to deliver.

I have been using Oral Botanica, for three months twice a day, my teeth feel cleaner and fresh throughout the day even first thing in the morning, and my mouth does not have that dry feeling anymore.

Nuta Blakewaye

I wanted to thank you for inventing and introducing Oral Botanica to the market especially to me & my families (including my siblings’ family).

I have yellow tooth due to a sickly childhood with course after course of antibiotics. Tried many tooth whitening stuff but to no improvements. After using Oral Botanica, I notice much yellow stuff came out after brushing and can see and feel that teeth are cleaner and less yellow now. As for other aspects, I don’t usually have tooth issues hence I can’t comment on that. But overall am very satisfied with the results

Maybe should also consider a slightly bigger bottle for longer period usage. Once again, thank you for the fabulous oral oil.

Serene Choo | Senior Secretary at Islamic Bank of Asia Limited