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A proprietary formulation of 100% food grade quality (edible ingredients) to whiten the teeth gently and safely without side effects. Oral Botanica ® Tooth Whitening is an easy to use whitener in paste form with a minty taste, it helps to:

  • remove the stains and tannin from coffee, tea, juices, curry and stubborn stains from cigarettes
  • whiten the teeth
  • kill the unwanted bacteria
  • reduce the stubborn plaque
  • refreshing mint taste

Warning: This product can stain clothing due to its black colouration.


Baking soda, Calcium carbonate, Activated coconut charcoal, Bentonite clay, Bosenbergia rotunda, Piper betle, Oral Botanica ® Classic.


5 gr (spoon is included)

How to Use:

Floss your teeth. Use the small spoon provided to scoop a pea size of Oral Botanica Teeth Whitening on a wet toothbrush. Brush your teeth for 2 minutes. Rinse with water. Feel the freshness and whiter teeth. This stuff really works!!

Use it for 5-7 consecutive days instead of toothpaste. Then use it once a week for maintenance. For the best results, use Oral Botanica Classic whenever you don’t use the whitener.


Who doesn’t want to have white and healthy teeth? The choice is either get it done by a professional, pay a high price with sensitive gums as side effect. Or alternatively you can buy whitener kits being sold online and in stores which use different chemicals and lights to whiten teeth. If you do not wish to put those nasty chemicals into your mouth, now we have the safest and the most effective solution for you.

With this easy to use product, you can now have really white teeth with just simple brushing using this product!


How long should you use to see the result?

Most users can see results after 3-5 days by brushing the teeth twice a day.

There’s no need for you to walk around with that LED light in your mouth, unable to talk for 45 mins just to get those whiter teeth!


Our New Innovative Teeth Whitening Solution Is Unlike Any Products in the market.

Oral Botanica Teeth Whitening is also much more superior compared to normal activated charcoal or baking soda powder in the market. In collaboration with Temasek Polytechnic – Singapore, we have done the product development and intensive tests to come up with the right formulation which is not only safe but also effective.



At Botanica Culture International, we provide only high quality, safe and effective products.



Combining organic coconut charcoal, food grade activated baking soda, calcium carbonate, bentonite clay supplement with our unique formulation of Oral Botanica Classic, it makes the product able not only to whiten, polish and clean the teeth but also strengthen the gums and re-mineralize the enamel, kill the bacteria, reduce inflammation and freshen the breath.

It is suitable for everyone, including people with sensitive teeth and gums.



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