3 Lipy Botanica


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A pack of three Lipy Botanica is a must for your lips. Lipy Botanica uses only organic ingredients without synthetic chemicals. Luxurious touch and long lasting moisturiser for your healthy lips. If you find yourself suffering from exceptionally dry, sore and chapped lips, a soothing Lipy Botanica is a must. A complete set of mint, honey and unflavoured organic lip balms is for you to use alternately.


Three distinctly delightful organic lip balms, perfect for the whole family!

Safe for kids, luxurious and indulgent for adults. Organic beeswax, jojoba, olive, sunflower, mint and shea butter oils deeply hydrate and protect lips from moisture loss.

Lipy Botanica helps to soothe dry, chapped lips. Unique blend of organic oils sink into the skin to moisturize from within, rather than sealing it off from moisture like traditional petrolatum-based lip balms. Use daily for happy, healthy lips, healthy body ! NO synthetic ingredients or flavours.


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