Organic Mask Spray – Awaken – 45ml


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Make wearing a mask more refreshing! Use Organic Mask Spray Awaken to uplift your mood!

Made from organic Jojoba Oil and all organic therapeutic grade essential oils of:
– Lavender
– Bergamot
– Peppermint
– Sweet Orange
– Lemon


Keep your face mask smelling fresh to wear!

Wearing mask will be a norm for long time and we should do it to protect each others. But wearing a mask for long hours comes with few problems such as perpetually sweating face, issues with “maskne” (acne due to bacteria in the mask), the odour of our food and coffee that is trapped inside the mask. It makes us feel uncomfortable.

Organic Mask Spray  Awaken is one of our signature concoction. The combination of essential oils is not only a powerful deodorizer that dispels smell but it is also an aromatherapy on the go. We don’t compromise on your health, therefore we only choose 100% organic materials. As we inhale the Mask Spray Awaken, we want you to enjoy the freshness but also the aromatherapy benefits such as antibacterial, easier breathing and clearing some headaches, and improve productivity.

Just spray 2-3 times on your mask, wait for few second prior to wearing it. It is long lasting and you can spray it again when you need it!

Stay safe and keep your masks comfy. Together we will overcome this pandemic!