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Posted on February 14, 2016

Lipy Botanica – 100% Organic Lip Balms That Gives Your Lips that Smooth, Kissable Look All Year Round 

Your lips need to look luscious and kissable all year round, but with the sun constantly beating up your face during summer, and the cold dry air of winter constantly making your lips look chapped, dry and ugly, one has to take preventive measures. Having beautiful, smooth and attractive lips is very important; though having the right lip color is a huge factor when it comes to your overall facial appearance, having healthy lips remains to be at the core of it all.

Chapped and dry lips Chapped and dry lips

Healthy Moist LipsHealthy Moist Lips

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Lipy Botanica 3 Flavours – 100% Organic Lip Balms

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Thousands of lip balms and lipsticks have been developed in order to help people get smooth and moist lips using harmful synthetic chemicals in order to create sheen and shine. With every application of these lip balms and lipsticks, parts of these chemicals will be licked and entered the body and causing more damage than good.

Lipy Botanica is 100% organic lip balms made out of not only organic grade ingredients but also food ingredients. It is safe even to eat it. Designed to help revitalize and nourish your lips, it is formulated with organic beeswax which functions as a natural lip balm and helps protect your lips from the winter cold, organic olive oil that can help you deal with chapped lips, organic sunflower oil that can help lighten dark lips and make it smoother, as well as organic peppermint oil that will help make it feel fresher and look plumper, voluptuous and kissable.

What’s more, this luxurious blend of organic beeswax and organic essential oils can easily work well together, each ingredient working synergistically in order to help you get desirable and sexy-looking lips. And aside from helping you get beautiful looking lips, its ingredients can also work within, helping to repair chapped and dry lips, and making sure that it does not lose its moisture all day or all night.

Lipy Botanica comes in 3 flavours: unflavoured, honey or mint.

Read the label of your lip balms, if it contains one of these ingredients, you might consider to switch to Lipy Botanica.

Petroleum Jelly / Petrolatum

The lip balm that caused my allergic reaction was 100% petroleum jelly, an oil byproduct that may contain carcinogens (depending on the company’s refining process) and cause allergic reactions.

Mineral Oil

Mineral oil coats the skin with a plastic-like layer and prevents it from breathing. When used repeatedly, it also can cause more severe problems as it’s derived from petroleum and may contain cancer-causing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). This can cause the skin to age prematurely. Is that something you want to put on your lips daily?


Phenol is an ingredient used to kill bacteria growth, so it’s included in many skincare products. But this chemical has also been shown to cause skin irritation, kidney and liver damage, and even nervous system damage when absorbed through the skin regularly.

Other Chemicals, colors & fragrances

Avoid any lip balms with artificial colors (D&C red no. 6, yellow no. 10, etc.), synthetic fragrances or other harmful chemicals.