Organic Essential Oils


Organic food grade essential oils

Essential oils can support us through many of our everyday activities and life changes but it is important to understand there are different grades of oils. It’s important to use 100% organic food grade essential oils that are NOT adulterated to get great benefits of essential oils. Adulterated oils contain synthetic chemicals or compounds. And, that may actually be harmful to our body!

Our premium essential oils are carefully chosen from certified organic suppliers which can deliver the purest and highest quality. Our oils use a gentle, steam distillation methods as well as using cold pressing to get the highest quality ingredients and to preserve the unique therapeutic features of the plant. All our sources are certified organic producers. Adulterated oils contain synthetic chemicals or compounds. And, that may actually be harmful to our body!  We ensure that all our essential oils contain no adulterants and it is food grade oils.


Why Organic Essential Oils?

Organic essential oils are extracted from plants that were grown without using any pesticides. Therefore, these are much preferred type of essential oils these days for health practitioners and aromatherapists. This applies for home and clinical treatments for its increased vitality and healing power. It is not just the patient being treated with essential oils that are experiencing the benefits but it also produce a few positive environmental effects.

The use of chemical in the production of non-organic oils poses a lot of health and safety risks. The presence of such contaminants in the plant materials used to produce oil substances are at risk of containing those harmful chemicals. In order to manufacture a sufficient amount of non-organic oil, it will require a lot of plant material. Hence, you can expect that there is also a good amount of chemicals present in those non-organic oil produce.


How We Ensure The Quality of Our Oils?

Before we put each drop in a bottle, we will ensure that each batch of the oil has the finger print of the ingredients in it. GC/MS is a must to be supplied by the reliable laboratory. As we are a team of chemists, we are able to interpret the charts to ensure that the products contain no solvent, or unwanted ingredients. We also measure the density and the optical rotation in the lab to ensure that there is no heavy oils or other contaminants.


Essential oils can improve our immune system, it also has been proven to reduce stress by relaxing the mind and body, it also support healthy immune systems, and even release buried emotional trauma. You can use an oil based product to clean your house, your pet laundry, improve your sleeping etc. And when it is used correctly, they are safe enough to use it on our precious animals. And as a matter of fact, they love it.

Our oils are full strength so it should be used with care!


Some of Botanica Culture’s Organic Essential Oils

Lavender is a calming oil that helps with panic attacks, calms the nervous system, and is used on minor burns to soothe skin. You can spray lavender oil mixed with water on pillows or linens, or you can apply it to the neck, chest or temples to help wind down before sleeping.

Peppermint wakens the senses and can increase the oxygen level in the blood just by being inhaled. “One drop of peppermint oil is equivalent to 28 cups of herbal tea,” Mooneyham says. It helps with focus, and when combined with rosemary, which helps with memory and retention, makes a winning work day combination. Peppermint also can calm a troubled tummy and bring down fever.

Lemon is used as an alternative treatment to remove corns and warts. It can be used to treat minor cuts and wounds, it helps brighten dull skin, helps with immunity and is used as an antibacterial cleanser.

Tea Tree Oil is derived from the tea tree plant, Melaleuca alternifolia, and is native to Australia. Indigenous Australian people have used the oil to treat skin infections and wounds since they first made a poultice of the leaves and covered their skin with the homeopathic remedy. The oil (and even rubbing natural leaves on the skin) has been shown to have several different useful antiseptic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties, some proven better than others.